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The best decision for your financial security

When facing financial crisis you need an experienced attorney that you can count on to provide you with all of your options and alternatives to find the solution you need for a fresh start.

Benjamin A. Stanziale, Jr., our primary attorney, has a significant

amount of experience working with individuals, families, and businesses

who have suffered unmanageable debt, creditor harassment, or the

threat of foreclosure. He will ensure that you are informed of their

options, including alternatives to bankruptcy, and will assist you in

making the soundest decision for your financial security.

We're committed to assisting you

Prior to founding our firm, Benjamin A. Stanziale, Jr. worked as a civil defense lawyer and in-house counsel for Transamerica Insurance. Additionally, he served as a trustee appointed by the United States Trustee's office for Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases.

A wealth of knowledge and experience to help you

Benjamin A. Stanziale, Jr. has had years

of experience with

a variety of debt and bankruptcy cases.  

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