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We can stop the harassment

Are your tired of creditor's harassing calls? We have the experience to help make the calls, threatening letters,

and acts of intimidation cease. There are laws protecting you from creditor harassment even when have

a significant about of debt or are behind on your payments. If you feel threatened by creditor harassment,

we can help you take legal action to defend yourself against creditors.

Our attorneys have years of experience in stopping creditor harassment against our clients. When a bankruptcy occurs, creditors must stop the harassment; upon filing for bankruptcy, creditors will receive notice from the courts. If a creditor contacts you following notice from the courts.

they could be in violation of the court order.

Don't allow creditors to have the last say

Here are ways that we are able to fight creditor harassment on your behalf. 

• Filing for bankruptcy to discharge your debt and stop creditor harassment

• Stop any collections proceedings against you

Stop wage and bank garnishments

• Assist you in filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy if you are an individual consumer

• File Chapter 7 business bankruptcy if you face creditor harassment for business debt.

We have the experience to end the harassment

Stop credit harassment now! Call us today

to stop the harassing phone calls.

FREE consultations available. Call us today.