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Losing money from your paychecks can affect your ability to pay your rent, mortgage, or even buy groceries.

If you are experiencing wage garnishment, overwhelmed by debt, and are unable to pay your bills, we may

be able to assist you with stopping the garnishment through Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

For many people, bankruptcy is a way to manage overwhelming debt caused by an unforeseeable event such as serious injury or loss of job. Bankruptcy can stop wage and bank garnishment because it discharges you from your debt obligations. Let us help you explore all of your options and other possibilities available to you to stop the wage and bank garnishments. You will be on your way to securing your financial future when you contact us.

Don't be overwhelmed by bank garnishment

We have significant experience assisting individuals with handling

the difficulties of wage garnishment

• Stop creditors from garnishing your wages

• Stop bank garnishments

• Pursue Chapter 7 bankruptcy

• Explore all other debt relief alternatives

Assistance we can provide on your behalf

We have the solution to get you back on track.

Call us today to find out how we can help you stop the bank from garnishing

your wages.


We can help you end bank garnishment